Utilizing advanced formulations and precise adhesion technology Utilizing advanced formulations and precise adhesion technology


As Atlas Bant, we continue to offer high quality and innovative products to our customers by constantly following technology and adopting best practices. We owe it to both our customers and our product to integrate the latest technology in all our processes from production to quality control.

We proceed with the principles of Advanced Production Methods, R&D Oriented Approach, Quality Control and Sustainability, and design and manufacture our products accordingly.

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Through R&D activities, we aim to offer customized and high-performance solutions to our customers.

Our R&D team is constantly working on new materials, coatings and production techniques to improve the performance of our products. We closely follow industry trends and produce solutions tailored to customer needs.

We evaluate the individual demands of our customers. In our R&D studies, we adopt a customized and flexible approach to each project. We collaborate to understand requirements and produce customized solutions.

We optimize production processes by closely following the latest technological developments. In this way, we develop more efficient, high quality and environmentally friendly products.

As part of our R&D processes, we focus on keeping the quality of our products at the highest level. We guarantee customer satisfaction by testing the conformity of the new products we develop with quality standards.


Our quality policy aims to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction in the products and services we offer. We have a mission to create a quality management system that is open to customer feedback, uses its resources efficiently and aims to continuously improve.

We are committed to fully meet the needs and expectations of customers in all processes. We aim to reduce both financial and environmental costs and increase profitability by closely following and applying technological developments.

We are committed to being an exemplary organization that respects environmental and social values. We see it as a sustainable goal to contribute to the national economy by continuously growing our business volume.


Pressure-sensitive adhesives for the best quality Pressure-sensitive adhesives for the best quality
Optimal tensile strength and resistance Optimal tensile strength and resistance