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The Science of Adhesion The Science of Adhesion The Science of Adhesion

As Atlasbant Industry Group, we produce self-adhesive tapes both vertically and horizontally. We export more than 36% of our production, strengthening our position among the Turkish market leaders. In 2018, together with Eti Venture Investment Inc., we established a Turkey-based company operating in the international arena. 

Today, we continue our activities in two separate facilities, and we have been developing new processes with our investments in coating technologies and material science for more than two years. 

Through our work with the best companies, we also trade in industrial products worldwide and produce the following comprehensive range of tapes. 

-Packaging Tapes: Acrylic, Hotmelt, Solvent, Fiber, PVC. 

-Masking Tapes: Water-based acrylic, Hotmelt, Solvent. 

-Cardboard Tapes: Cellulose and BOPP. 

-Special Products: Double Sided, Graphic, Aluminum, Gaffer, Reflective, Repair, Electrical insulation tapes. 

With the participation support of our new institutional investors, the management of Atlasbant Industry Group is in Eti Venture Investment Inc. 

We aim to increase the number of our facilities to 3 and the number of regional solution centers to 6 by increasing the total closed area to 30,000 m2 with the new facility investment we have completed. Within the scope of the 5-year investment program, we are working to open new regional offices to meet the ever-increasing needs of our partners, to switch to fully automated systems and to bring our laboratories up to date with the latest technology. In 2023, we celebrated our 5th year of production as Atlasbant Industry Group. 

We continue to invest in machinery for the establishment of natural rubber coating lines. 

Adhesive Technologies Redefining Possibilities. Adhesive Technologies Redefining Possibilities.
Empowering Progress, Unleashing Imagination. Empowering Progress, Unleashing Imagination.